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These block were made from a turn of the century mold made on site, the block were made from a hand machine called the wizard block machine sold by many companies of the time, some were sold by sears through mail order.
Here we installed the block wall and cobblestone paver in the side garden areas and carriageway along the front sidewalk, we also removed the old driveway and steps  then repoured the steps and the driveway in broom finish.
The wall caps were poured in place to match existing block walls.
The projected joint work is called the grapevine joint used durring the turn of the century.
This is a Portland historical society house and was published in a book called Bungalow Gardens

These block walls were made of khaki splitface block from basalite block company.
We installed the block walls from the front to the back corner of the yard. We then install the lower planter block walls following the driveway edge and up the staircase. then cut the walls and installed the cap chosen by the owner.
We also installed a dry stack block wall next door and a planting area in the back yard along with retaining block walls on the side.
We installed the footings and laid  the block walls using a standard type block , we then  scratch coated the walls  and laid the brick cap.
We then came back and plastered the columns and walls to a smooth finish , the homeowner then painted the walls.
This is actually considered  a fence as it was not along the front of the home.
We installed this 8 foot high block fence using a khaki color splitface block on the neighbors side, we then plastered and color skim coated the customer side smooth.
The customer wanted to add columns to help break up the wall so we attached  4 inch wide block to the face and and purged the the block as we built the columns.
We then finished the columns with cultured stone and install a black  concrete wall cap .
Oreognbrick masonry Installs all types of block walls, from the early American rock  face to new splitface block with many different colors to choose from, you are not stuck with the old gray look anymore. Take a look at the new colors at Basalite products from our Portland supplier page
Block come in many shapes and sizes including Brick block to fit what ever project you have in mind.
we install block walls / fences / and block retainer walls.
They are great for sound walls along busy roadsides and freeway noise.
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This front planting area and outdoor Mediterranean atrium garden were built of block and stucco, we removed a radius asphalt drive and install a foam block wall on the bank side to  the atrium  and built the building in standard block walls. we then used clay tile and installed them along the top edge .
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Block Fences
Saving money on your fence is a good thing , saving money on a block fence that will last your lifetime is even better. This block fence was built  along side the driveway with a footing and addition to the driveway  that stabilized this wall good enough to allow for a small block wall with columns that we poured solid with rebar.
As we built the wall we install horizontal steel in the bed joints to help stabilize the sheer movement.
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